Mercury Mars Trine Pluto Does Not Quit So You Better Not Either

My sister often says to me: reach for the better feeling.

I am trying now to bring you a message of hope – that when things seem/feel most bleak, to keep reaching for the better feeling even if your practice does include the dark sunglasses of wallow and dirge.

And to eat nourishing food.
And to rest.

(Visit my latest Beliefnet post on the DEATH CARD for a Part One of sorts).

Today’s sky is/was extraordinary.

Mercury Mars in Taurus trine Pluto: YOU DO NOT QUIT.
Venus Jupiter sextile in happy signs, a blessing of abundance and good cheer.

I’ve heard of a few lucky breaks today — but what happens when… what happens when you are living the Death card but no Temperance, no Star in sight?

Draw again.

But until then….

You are fierce, dressed in black, feathered, your eye knows the way. You are not alone. Not now, not here, not ever. Your very cry is an invocation. You very cry is the way there. Keep going.

"mars trine pluto"