Mercury In Libra: What Are You Talking About?

Marriage is a big deal. It’s just a really big deal.

Are you married? Do you want to be? What does it mean to you? 

Yesterday I was talking this topic with my boyfriend.

He wanted to know what marriage meant to me and doesn’t this make sense?

MERCURY (talking) is in Libra (marriage!).

I am learning a lot. About life these days. A lot a lot a lot.

Libra is known for indecision.

Scorpio (where Mercury heads next, on September 30th!) is known for KNOWING  i.e. NO WEAKNESS SHALL BE TOLERATED DO OR DIE FUCKERS.

(Scorpio hates losing more than they love winning.)

From the pleasure of the 5th to the work of the 6th to the contract of the 7th to the BED (soul union) of the 8th to the expansion of the soul (9th) and status change (now you are a wife or a husband in the eyes of the world) of the 10th.

It’s a soul union, I said to him. I have no proof for this. But I am certain it’s a soul union which is created BY the legal document and commitment. It’s a decision. To stop fucking around. In all the myriad ways.

I know not everyone agrees with me or has the same idea of marriage.

And I also believe ALL consenting adults should have this right.

And that their unions (with or without marriage) are NOT diminished at all due to closed-mindedness/bigotry.

So marriage CAN happen outside the legal system, but the ceremonial trappings (i.e. making it help) DO help. The structures that are in place (like having to go to City Hall to apply for a marriage license) create MORE possibilities, not less. More opportunity for… knowing yourself, knowing what you want BECAUSE you have to jump through some hoops. It really makes you stop and think: what is marriage, what is commitment, who am I, who is this person, what is my life about, what will change, what won’t change, what are my goals if I were to marry. And so on…

What are you talking about these days? 

Love, MP


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