Mercury Goes Direct: July 1st

"venus sextile uranus" So the apartment search continues.

Today we looked at a place and I am “eh” about the neighborhood.

At first, when we got the news that we had to move, I went into crisis mode.
And PMS mode.
But that crisis mode got me that apartment (if we want it).
An affordable one, but there are various issues and then today on the way home I thought to myself (or said out loud, I don’t remember):

Is this what life is about? Is this what MY life is about?
That I can’t even CHOOSE on what street I live?

Suddenly nothing made sense. And yet everything made sense.

Why am I telling you this story? Because that’s what I do 🙂 I tell you my stories.
But ALSO because of the revelations, the messages incoming so pick up the phone, news on the way to you:

Mercury goes DIRECT tomorrow and the missing pieces are going to fall into your lap. You can put the puzzle together now.
This may not mean that everything goes from shit to sunshine in a minute but it DOES mean that now you have what you need to know to make a better decision and move forward.

I love that the Moon is in Virgo this week. Those with a lot of stupid detail oriented work shall prevail!
One caution: listen better. The folks around you actually have some decent, possibly sage, advice so don’t just disregard it, Miss or Mister Virgo Moon. LISTEN.

The week rounds out on a low note: we have a Venus Pluto inconjunct and a Sun Pluto opposition. THERE WILL BE BURLY SURLY MOODS and moments. And then UGH for the weekend, Moon in Libra makes hay with Mars, the Sun in Cancer, the Uranus Pluto square, and Jupiter in Cancer. It’s a bit tense.

Tastiest morsel: Venus is sextile Uranus, exact on Sunday night but consider this aspect in orb now so it’s watching over you even as you fret.

Venus is love. Venus is money. Affection. Your social life. What you value. What you desire. Venus is your mouth. Venus is your luck. She brings you what you need with a toothy smile. She’s in harmony with GET THE F**K OUT OF MY WAY I AM CHANGING YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MINUTE Uranus.

We NEED Venus in Gemini’s light touch here. We need her humor. We need her grace. And we’ve got it.

To quote Elizabeth Bishop:

Somebody loves us all.


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