Mercury Enters Scorpio!

"venus in scorpio"
Venus in Scorpio

Do you know anyone with Mercury in Scorpio? I do. These folks have a reputation for being, well, cutting. Shredding.  Mincing 😉

They tell the whole truth, whether you like it or not.  Actually, let me revise that.  I do have a Sagittarius Sun, Mercury in Scorpio friend who learned, yes learned, to keep her Scorpio tongue safely in her mouth (at times) for the sake of the friendship. There is something to be said for, um, not going for the main vein EVERY DAMN TIME. And can you imagine? Sagittarius/Scorpio combo? How much honesty, honestly, can one person take?

(Do I sound like I’m complaining? I’m complaining. I admit it. This gal also has a Mars Pluto square and a Taurus Moon. Sweet and sour to put it mildly.)

Now don’t get me wrong — I’m not down on Scorpio at all. My mother was a Scorpio Sun and the energy is familiar to me. I need the depth. I need the intensity. I need the serious face. And speaking of Scorpio faces, I had a Scorpio Sun friend who sent me his picture as long as I promised never to disseminate it. I never did of course, but I thought it was funny. That word. Disseminate. Very Scorpio.

So as we go deeper into Scorpioland… Venus is there already, Mercury tomorrow, the Sun to follow… I want you to think about what Scorpio means to you. What Pluto means to you. Discover the metaphors and images that make sense in your own life.

What do you experience during Scorpio Season? Does it work well with your chart? 

So grab your coffee and your donut and your chart 🙂 and find your Scorpio house because that is where your life will be LIVING!!!

Now, Pluto energy is underground so you are going to have to tap tap tap to get to the bottom, to get to the root of all this. But I know I can trust you. I know you can figure it out. I know you won’t tell anyone. I know that you can make Serious Face 🙂

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