Mercury Enters Pisces! Talk Amongst Yourselves

"mercury in pisces"

I love the treadmill. I love love love love the treadmill. And the other day I realized why. And I realized why when I hurt my toe and couldn’t use the treadmill and had to use this other machine where the feet just STAY THERE. Ugh.

What I realized, remembered, was that there are pressure points on the bottom of the foot! Apparently I LOVE (need?) having these points worked on and probably explains why I also love walking and how there was deeply something missing when I couldn’t use my machine of choice. There are also, of course, the endorphins to consider, which get released under a certain amount of exertion.

This realization made me think of Pisces because Pisces rules the feet. Shoes, boots, and stockings too. Even pumice!

Mercury enters the sign of Pisces this evening, slipping into a conjunction with Neptune right away so break out the peace pipe and your angel cards! Connection to the Divine is easier than ever with Pisces Season afoot! (For more on Pisces this week look here!)

And I’m trying to remember if I have any pals with Mercury in Pisces and I don’t think I do. Would we even need to speak to be heard? I have Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune with Neptune in the 3rd House (which is a Mercury House, naturally ruled by Gemini) so I get a dose of Pisces through this aspect.

Watery communicators, they say, are anything but straightforward (well, except Mercury in Scorpio which I find to be exceedingly straightforward). I can’t really tell though.  I know that I make leaps upon leaps upon leaps. And that some people get me and some people don’t. And one thing in particular that I realized from a pretty young age is that REALLY SMART PEOPLE get me and like me, even if their thinking process is different than mine.

Where’s your Mercury? What are its strengths? Weaknesses? 


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