Mercury Enters Aries And Do You Have A Fast Car?

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Keeping track of the planetary comings and goings:

-Mercury entered Aries this morning!

-Venus leaves Aries for Taurus on Monday

The Moon will enter Cancer this morning as well so you can expect a rift between your thoughts, Mercury, and your feelings, the Moon.

You may want to go fast while your emotions say S L O W  D O W N. Cancer Moon feels easily threatened.

And of course, as you probably know, the most cool thing about any planet entering Aries these days is that it will conjunct transiting Uranus straight away!

Uranus is at 3 degrees and Mercury is now at 0 but that is a conjunction that will only get tighter! I often feel such transits the most when they are applying so I expect my mind (my Mercury) to be revved up today! On fire (Aries)! AND I feel good. Aries planets get us mooooooving.

Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries is a fast mind, a fast car, an impatient innovator. You’ll probably think fast, talk fast, walk fast, and then forget it all!

Aries doesn’t retain like Cancer does so again you’ll feel these dueling energies this morning or early this afternoon (Big City time): the mind vs the mommy: you may want to go-go-go just make sure to eat first. And put on a sweater!


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