Mercury Conjunct Chiron (Again): March 29th

This is Mercury talk.

Las Vegas inspired me EXTREMELY.

I came home and decided that not only was I going to become a poet again (do poets “become”? do poets ever stop being poets?) and write a book.

Not just one poem, two poem, three poem, but a book about love, landscape and Las Vegas. I want to write 30 poems FAST. But in order to keep writing, I must keep experiencing.

Also am in the midst of critiquing the poems of an old friend of mine, the one who is the editor of that new on-line journal I’m going to be in. I feel like the poem whisperer 🙂

When I first began looking at his poems, last month, I didn’t like most of them. I loved a few but otherwise it felt like… his poems were not alive. We fought over email. I thought he wasn’t taking my brilliant advice seriously. Feelings got hurt in the process.

But then he wrote me again wanting more 🙂


I am back at work, in case you are wondering. Scheduling readings and catching up with folks in progress. Also want to remind you that phone readings are a good option, especially when you’re anxious. When I first started doing this, I was mostly doing email. Email takes time and there’s usually a wait. I like both but honestly if you need a response from me sooner? Then phone is better. There is less prep time but we can still talk transits and still look at the cards and get a lot done 🙂


March 29th: Mercury is conjunct Chiron in Pisces, square Jupiter in Gemini, and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, all in one day!

Conjunctions are two planets of the same sign (or not!) close in degree. They are fused, acting as a unit. One body. With Mercury conjunct Chiron, words can heal, words can hurt. You know the drill. You choose.

In my chart, this conjunction is happening ON my descendent. I’ll be speaking with partners tomorrow, love or business. There will be all kinds of discussions, confrontations, some of them confusing (Neptune). How Pisces is aspected in your chart will determine what kind of conversation you’ll be having.

Mercury square Jupiter: you may feel you’ve said too much. You may say too much. Mercury sextile Pluto: your words are worth hearing but choose them WISELY. Be politic, be tactical. No blurting.

Remember, also, Mercury hasn’t been direct all that long. He’s traveled this way before, to this Chiron, this Jupiter, this Pluto.

What or who needs your attention once again? 

Love, MP


We will be doing another private drop-in Meditation Class. Hopefully the week of April 8th.

$25 by PayPal.

How it works: I bring you inspirational words, quotes from meditation masters and deep thinkers 🙂 and I give guidance, instruction for a “basic” meditation technique that we always return to. Last time it was hard to coordinate my schedule so that we could sit as a group but I’d be willing to try again. We meditate. We discuss our experiences. We share what works and what doesn’t. Email me for more details/questions.

Got questions about Aries Season? 

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