Menders: More Thoughts On Venus Retrograde In Capricorn (& More!)

Three things I want to mention:

Venus in Capricorn going retrograde (on December 21st) will not necessarily be about losses, love or otherwise.

Or even about lost love returning (although it may be that for you) — but about repair, menders you meet along your travels. Or maybe you will be the one with the patch-up kit.

Thing two:

Mercury enters Sagittarius tomorrow and sensitive people everywhere cover their ears πŸ˜‰

Mercury will square mysterious Neptune over the weekend and square Chiron (painful) next week and it’s important to remember that your hurt feelings are sometimes the result of misunderstanding, communication breakdown — not intentional cruelty on the part of Sagittarius or other trampling wild beast.


There IS such a thing as fate.

Is not the ongoing Uranus Pluto square showing this to you, above and beyond? The Major Arcana in your life versus the pips? i.e. what you can change or adjust, like a watch, versus what time it actually IS.

What are you noticing? What stop along your journey is shocking/vexing/amazing you at this time?Β 

I recommend surrendering to the will of God (or however you term your Higher-Holy Power) and stop trying to direct traffic so much. Easier said than done, yes.

Three cards of advice/prediction as we continue our transition from 2013 to 2014:Β 

Ace of Swords: be logical in your repair-work for Venus retrograde. The Ace of Swords rules winter! Following your heart, believing it or not, is *not* always the best advice.

The World: greater fulfillment for you through Sagittarius season (happy completion of long-standing and necessary tasks) BUT remember that The World (THIS WORLD, REALITY, THE HERE AND NOW) is associated with Saturn, limitation, boundary, borderline — whether this means guarding your tongue, your ethics, your marriage, or even your FEAR. Which will you choose?

Seven of Pentacles: this is a card of much controversy in my Tarot class, as we blend traditional interpretations of “failure” with a kinder gentler association of “taking stock” and harvest. Why does the figure refuse to basket his crop? And where do you find yourself in this process?

Let me know in the comments… πŸ™‚ Are you looking forward to 2014?

Love, MP

I have a new website! It’s mostly under construction at this point, but I wanted to share it because I like it — just the “About Me” and the “Apprenticeship” pages are filled out so far πŸ™‚

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