Meditations on the Devil (Again)

"saturn square neptune"I’ve written about this card before, here and on Beliefnet.

On my mind again today because I drew FULL MOON Tarot cards for myself and the Devil showed up and hmm who is this Devil?

I was using the Druidcraft deck which does not depict the “usual” evil evil Devilman.

Who is the Devil? What does he want? 

Temptation is the first word that comes to mind for me, and likely being tempted by something not “healthy” — for me. Devil often is often associated with addiction – to anything! To anything that steals your focus, right mind, destination. A detour.

So I thought long and hard about this, off and on, especially because my addictions are few so I found myself thinking: IT’S A PERSON. Someone come to temp me. But with what? And who? Who is this Devil? 

Temptation. Seduction. Bondage. Remember the Devil card not only shows the Devil but two people – the Lovers from the Lovers card now supposedly enslaved by their material desire.

Or are WE the two people. Me and my shadow. You and your shadow. To whom have you sold your soul?

I have no problem asking questions. No problem at all. And asking questions does not guarantee an answer. Ever.

This morning I returned to my cards – but a different deck and two times I see the Nine of Pentacles. She has what she needs and more. The Devil is often associated with Capricorn. Money. Big business. Nine of Pentacles is not a “bad” card in any universe (a card of abundance and self sufficiency) and the Devil sometimes is. How does the Nine answer the question of Why Devil Why? Does the Devil come to threaten her peace? Hmmm Devil hmmmm.

Well, I guess I’ll find out. Maybe. As I wrote above, asking the question does not guarantee an answer. And then I drew two more — including THE DEVIL.

The cards are *never* wrong but we still have to interpret what they mean. That’s the fun and the frustration and where trust comes in. I have a mystery on my hands here, a devilish one, pentacled one.

Fear. Worry. That that Nine of Pentacles is not who you are. That’s one way to view it. Lack of faith. See my Tarot video for more…

To be continued…

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