Meditation Mini-Course (February Edition)

One week Meditation Intensive!

This class begin the last Sunday in February and focuses again on a basic foundational sitting practice but this time we will also work with Chakra soothing/clearing.


This is not a “webinar.”  It is a loosely structured, daily discussion-based, drop-in class although I may post some videos this time. Lurkers and active participants are welcome.

I do my best to let you know my sitting times ahead of time so you can join me if you want. We raise more energy when we sit together.

Please know I do follow Edgar Cayce’s vision of the chakra system: that the third-eye chakra is actually the “highest” –  not the crown chakra. Not sure if such things matter to you, but figured I’d mention it because that’s what I work with.

And each day we will focus on a different chakra in our meditation practice and I will again bring you inspiration, information, and ideas for your sitting.

For example, on Day One I’ll say hello, announce my sitting times, remind folks or tell new folks about the basic practice and then begin discussion/bring information about the Root chakra.

I am there off and on (daily) to answer questions and help, as needed. I will do this class even with small enrollment (hmmm 5 minimum).

This class would be great for folks who desire the discipline to sit every day and feel that a little community could help them., and are interested in a foundational practice but also the more spiritual side of things. And like I wrote above, lurkers are welcome but participants will get more out of it because meditation is something you DO.

You may also be interested in the class if you just happen to enjoy my energy 🙂 and would like more of it for a week!

I plan on doing these monthly.

$25 by PayPal.