Meditation For Mercury Retrograde – November 6, 2012

"mercury retrograde november 2012"That we hope things will change. That we will not live forever in despair, or in a half-life, some eternal return not of our own making.

Mercury Retrograde asks us, “Are you sure?” 

Last night I was visiting a friend and she got out her  birth certificate from a small suitcase. She laughed. She has Sun Jupiter conjunct in Sagittarius in the 1st House. A Sagittarius always has a suitcase, she said.

But it was something else she said which struck me: the beautiful thing about life is that there is no failure. Only getting to the next level.

Yesterday I tossed and turned in regret, hours before I visited this friend, and I had a spiritual reading myself, so that I could get clear.

My advice for you is to use this Mercury Retrograde for exactly what they teach us NOT to — for clarity.

Go back into your past. Regret ON PURPOSE. And then set it free. Shake out your various karma(s) like snowflakes, one by one, each of them unique.

Although Mercury goes retrograde this evening (Eastern time), Neptune goes direct November 11th. That thing you’ve been longing for? Neptune rules dreams. You’re gonna get it. So get real clear *with* Mercury in retrograde on what it is, who it is, why it is, where and how. Know that you are loved.

These words from Wallace Stevens, ” After the final no there comes a yes/And on that yes the future world depends.”



Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the upcoming Eclipses as well as my usual longer Readings (and a Wallace Stevens poem chosen just for you :))

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