Meditation and Cats (part 3)

Yes, this is an astrology blog but I take my tag-line seriously i.e. trying to help moon pluto people i.e. emotionally intense people i.e. whether you have that aspect or not. And I may have said some of this in parts 1 and 2, but it bears repeating because, well, because I’m on a crusade.

So here are my beginning instructions, which of course are culled from every spiritual or meditation teacher who has inspired me.

What you need to do is… sit down. Just. Sit. Down. Doesn’t have to be for long. How long? I’m getting to that. But the main thing is to just sit down. Do that first. You can even begin your practice with just sitting, without meditating. And… notice what your cats… do. Because I am talking about sitting on the floor, where they are. It’s so important to begin where they are. Yes, they love to be up high but their world is “lower,” right?

So start there. In fact, try to do this every day when you get home. After you… put down your keys and your stuff and your bona fides, put it all down and sit and greet them. They want to tell you about their day with their tails and their noses, the dreams they had, meal preferences, etc.

So start small. A few minutes. Two minutes. One minute. And observe your out-breath. Don’t try to control it. Don’t try to stop your thoughts but when you notice your thoughts are wandering, return your attention to the breath. This out-breath, likely neglected, also wants your attention, just… like the cats.

What’s the astrology of all this? It’s the astrology of calming the f**k down and paying attention to your life, and the animals in your life who are waiting for you.

Note to self: it’s a process

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