Meditation and Cats (part 2)

These things go together: astrology, tarot, meditation. Meditation more than anything (or as much as learning/practicing the esoteric arts) will improve the intuition which I believe will make you a better reader (of cards, charts, etc). Of course, you also need a heart (rare), and soul (even more rare), and a brain (sigh). Raise your hands, how many of you have run into “psychics” or “healers” who had as much sensitivity as a ballpoint pen. I am mostly water and earth, chart-wise, so of course I am biased towards the feeling/sensory approach.Β 

And of course not everyone needs to improve. My friend Lupa is a gifted Tarot reader and, hell, maybe she came out of the womb that way, and she don’t need to sit for nothing’ or nobody. But I do.

Meditation is not zoning out or sleeping or daydreaming. Meditation is paying attention. Yes, it is about observing something, often the breath, the out breath, say, and returning to that breath, gently, when your attention wanders. When you do this, you notice how the mind dances and where it dances and that you think about shopping at Whole Foods A LOT.

And the cats? Well, I figured out this quirky cat thing because when I would meditate… Damn, I still don’t have the words for it, but it was different. They were different. No. It was that I joined them. I went up to their level, their gift, their way of being in the world. Solid… and yet light.

Did I think I could read their thoughts? I already know my three cats well, their different personalities and quirks and needs and specialnesses. Kitty who must have her treats. Goldy who meows in my ear when he’s hungry. Cleo who has to sit by my head when I sleep.

And it was during those days of early meditation practice that I did that Tarot reading for my sister, the one where I got spooked. At that time, I was also living in the apartment from hell, but that’s another story, a story about transiting Saturn in the 12th, when you can’t even see what is oppressing you.

Impromptu prayer: Dear God/Goddess/Spirit/Somebody: I will forever be grateful for my exodus from Flatbush despite the torturous way you arranged it. F**K you Saturn in Virgo. Good riddance!

Note to self: write book of Astro-Psalms and follow me on Twitter, okay?

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