Meditation and Cats (part 1)

Yes, meditation and cats. I’d been wanting to write on this topic for a while now. I’m a long-time meditator with sometimes shoddy discipline and sometimes… good discipline. I basically do two types. I’m a huge fan (if fan is the right word) of Pema Chodron and her teachings. And I also love Edgar Cayce. I find their approaches similar and yet very different and I’m not going to talk about either one today. I’m going to talk about cats.

I’ve lived with three cats for almost ten years now (including two litter mates) Β and I noticed that when I would sit, on the floor, the energy of the room would change. Just by sitting. Even before I’d begin. The cats wouldn’t change as much. See, they were already there. I did a little research and discovered that cats’ brainwaves are similar to ours when we meditate.

And I realized that when I sat, I was able to connect with them… in a different way. A deeper way? I will have to think about how to describe it best. I am going to post this now even though I’ve got more to say on the topic.

What’s the astrology? Back later to write more. To be continued!

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