May 30th: Good Day For Libra (And Air/Fire In General)

Sort of a Part Two to my Saturn Neptune blog post from this morning.

That faith takes work. It’s a practice, a discipline, like meditation. Process, not perfection. It’s not enough to just say the words: have faith. It’s not enough.

It takes awareness. It takes time. That you stay aware of the doubt-thoughts that arise and every time you start feeling that feeling (OF PANIC) is an opportunity to “let go and let God” as they say. And if “God” doesn’t work for you, then find something/someone else.

Notice how many times a day you worry. What you can do is dissolve (Neptune) that worry with faith (Neptune). Double Neptune! See how it works? The 12th House is not only the prison. It is also the escape. But you have to notice it IN the moment and not thought-stop but …. replace the thoughts, cover them over, add in new thoughts. That’s the work part. You actually have to talk to yourself 🙂

I’m not sure where I am with my faith these days. I feel on automatic pilot. Things are happening and I’m not making them happen. I am letting them happen. Do I have faith? I’ll get back to you about that but I remember clearly someone telling me BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE.


Hopeful skies today and tomorrow, tomorrow especially, but listen, right now we are under a Moon Uranus sextile, a little crazy, a little genius, a little innovation or maybe not so little. Big, bright, fast fire ideas. Whatever you feel now? It’s moving and changing already. Do not attach to it. Even the good stuff.

Tomorrow is gorgeous: Moon in Aquarius in perfect alignment to Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. All air signs benefit. Fire signs too, yes even Sagittarius and Leo 🙂 No one gets left out of this one, even the earth and water peeps so hmm my advice is to do what I am doing tomorrow: take advantage of this good weather and tackle some task that you’ve been putting off precisely because you won’t get stuck. I know the Moon is in a fixed sign but you won’t get stuck in bad moods or bad people 🙂 Fly high above it all.

Love, MP


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