Match Game: Saturn In Scorpio

"saturn in scorpio"Match the transit rather than avoid it. In other words, I was writing an email to a friend. He asked me something very simple: how are you? 

And I responded with a couple paragraphs 🙂

Saturn is transiting my 3rd House now and I told him about my day. How I was social today. How it was difficult, Saturn in the 3rd not really supporting small talk but then I took a long walk (also Saturn in the 3rd!) and wound up at a church that I used to go to, to sit and meditate, when I worked in the area and I picked up one of their welcoming brochures and it listed different classes and AHA I thought to myself: THIS is how you match Saturn through the 3rd House. Serious study. Serious inquiry. Spiritual learning and teaching.

The transit is not permission to wallow in melancholy. Saturn is structure. Wallowing may be alluring but it shall be prevented. There are better ways. Seek them out.

So that’s what you must do with *your* Saturn transit. Not collapse into the low vibration, whatever it is, depending on the house and not to ignore it — because you can’t ignore it. It IS happening.



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