Mars Uranus In Aries Conjunct Chiron: Emotional Whiplash

I’m on vacation, in Las Vegas, and the (neon) signs are everywhere. The dental floss I brought with me – Desert Essence.

The significance of this week is not lost on me and I can’t share all of it here – too private for that, too many stories within stories, like Russian dolls, but he is as happy as me to also have this link to the past. The Moon is in Cancer as I type this.

I love to watch him walk across the room. I told him this. Like a ghost but flesh and blood and older and wearing a suit. He has to look perfect for his job. Scorpio. Back from the dead, from 1986 to be precise.

My manicure is already chipped I told him and his teenage son, an Aries Sun, in the car. This is the only time you’ll ever hear me say such a thing. The boy is sweet. I answered a few astrology questions. Gave him some keywords and the boy had a complicated astro-philosophical question about the nature of Aries.

I gave him an example, say he’s in school and his teacher is being an asshole 🙂 it won’t help him to get all Aries about it. Not at all. Need to master that raw power.

He also wanted to know who would win if Aries and Scorpio had a fight. The question itself is very Aries, right? I thought Aries would shoot first but then Scorpio would plot and plan, for years maybe, and then return to settle the score.

I also mentioned the planets heading into Aries now (conjunct Uranus) would certainly energize the kid. So my son will be PMSing all month, is what the Scorpio said 😉

I’m in the midst of family. Banter.

What I realize: I don’t want to go back to that life, that Big City life. I want this one. The fear of loss kicks in. Mars Uranus (desire, I want, at alarming speed) conjunct my natal Chiron (loss).

To be continued…

Are you feeling Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries? 

Love, MP

P.S. My gut instinct when writing this post was to characterize Chiron as “loss” but that’s not really how it works although we do sometimes “lose” when Chiron is active. Chiron is fragility, vulnerability, the wound that doesn’t heal, that wound that opens and closes like a sleepy eye. Chiron always make us wince but I am believing more than ever, due to my own transits, that there is hope for Chiron and yes, Chiron (you) may be wounded but you HEAL.


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