Mars Trine Pluto Meditation (October 15th)

"mars trine pluto" From the classroom:

She mentioned that she was laying down during meditation
And I insist that folks sit. Sit up.
Out of respect.

She asked why.

I said:
When we sit in meditation — we sit upright but comfortably — with a straight spine, a straight back – as much as we are able, as is comfortable – not to slump in our seats, as though it is just another activity, even though it is. Chin not in a stressful position. Not sticking out but not meeting our neck or body. Held aloft a bit. Okay to scratch if the knee itches but note if one is overly fidgety. Not to condemn it but to note it. Because we are dancers. Because posture matters.

Respect who? Yourself. Ourselves.

When one lays down there is no resistance – one could just float away. I do not teach floating away. No one needs this lesson. It is easy. This meditation practice – that I bring here – will make us stronger. Me included. It will make us stronger.Because trees stand tall. The wind comes the rain comes, pushing us around. Meditation teaches us to stand tall.


Mars trine Pluto anyone? Sit up.