Mars Through My Third House (Part Three)

"saturn square neptune"Where everyone is and where the answers are. That’s where I went this morning. The loved ones were there. I saw my mother planting flowers. First time ever seeing that. And I learned how to let go of unrequited love. Through imagery and helping spirits. That was the eerie part of the journey.


Those words above are notes I took after a shamanic journey this morning.

I use the term “shamanic journey” loosely. I don’t feel particularly called to define exactly what I am doing but I am taking some shamanic techniques and adding them to what I used to do in meditation class. Perhaps I’m “inventing” a new technique. A new technique, old as time.

The Akashic Records exist. The collective unconscious exists. It is as real as the computer I’m typing on, the table its resting on, my hands that are typing here. Perhaps even more real.

The more I learn, the more I’ll share…


In other news, if you want to keep up with videos, I’m off YouTube for the time being. Too many haters over there. But I am posting Daily Tarot on my Facebook which you do not have to have an account to see. Here’s the link. 

Mars in Scorpio is transiting my Third House. The journeys aren’t just around my new neighborhood, going for walks, but subterranean travels.

Where is your Mars transit? Are you putting energy there?


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