Mars, The Moon, And What Wins In Your Chart

"mars square jupiter"

How did it get so damn cold?

I swear it was summer last week in the Big City and today it’s heading towards winter again. A chill. Wind. I’m shivering as I write this because I put my sweaters away! Yes, my Cancer Sun will prefer to avoid such tasks but my Virgo Rising wants it done. So I did it.

What in your chart WINS? I mean, we’ve got all this competing STUFF. Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc etc etc and maybe they get along and maybe they don’t and we’ve got aspects and planets and signs and houses.

And this: what do you WANT to win in your chart? Less Saturn? More Venus for example? Can you, do you, adjust your chart?

I have a friend with a Moon Mars opposition in his chart and I remember telling him that he needed to err on the side of his Mars. That his Moon was gonna wait until he “felt like it” but that wasn’t gonna get him anywhere except back to bed 🙂 for another nap 🙂 and then another 🙂

I’m not saying what I told him was news. I am pretty sure he already knew but… sometimes it takes someone else to point it out and say HEY! Do your Mars! Your Mars wants you to do your Mars. And your Moon wants to loafe.

And a chart of course is more than just one aspect or just one planet. It’s an entire world. Your world.

And here’s another question: do you think your “hard” aspects win? Or your “soft” aspects? Or maybe they are intertwined. Mine are.

For example, I have a Venus Jupiter sextile but that Venus is squared and so is the Jupiter. It’s taken me a long time to accept and LIVE this sextile. And I think I still am… in the process of… doing just that.

The painting here is by Van Gogh. He had a Mars Jupiter square (like me 🙂 )

And you?


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