Mars Square Saturn And Why I Prefer The Tower Upright (And Not Reversed)

Mars squares Saturn tomorrow in fixed (stubborn) signs, January 7th, and I just posted on the message board: roadblocked? Or fork in the road?

Does it matter? With Mars square Saturn, you can’t move either way.

Mars and Saturn in hard aspect is resistance. An immoveable force. Don’t push it. It just leads to tired arms. Or as my teacher used to say, “driving with the breaks on.” Start (Mars) stop (Saturn).

The aspect is exact 2:33pm (Eastern).

Know anyone with this in their natal? Ever notice their energy pattern? Ever notice your own? Do you have Mars and Saturn in aspect in your chart?Β 

Along similar lines, I posted this on Facebook last night:

“Personal observation about the Tower card: it isn’t always about painful destruction although it often is a pattern-break. One time I got it and it was upheaval/devastation but since that time, I can think of two additional times — when it caused crisis followed by healing, things getting better….”

Rereading what I wrote above, I sound kind of soft on the Tower. Truth is, even the truth (when the Tower connotes shocking news, for example) can rip open your life. The old thought forms falling. Betrayal. Disappointment. Realization. But isn’t that better than not knowing?

The Tower reversed is like Mars square Saturn. The (sometimes terrifying) power of change, power of desire (Mars) is trapped (Saturn). The power of crisis, chaos, is delayed. Like mucus you can’t cough up. It’s descended to the lungs and now every breath you take is sick.

Joan Bunning lists these key phrases, among others, for the Tower: falling down, being humbled, experiencing a crash, toppling from the heights, exposing what was hidden, getting the answer, releasing, exploding, being surprised, crashing through ego defenses…

If I have to see the Tower at all, I rather have it face me although I’m not like Miss Beth (on my Facebook) who once uttered the shocking (to me) words: The Tower is my favorite card!

Um, okay.

Happy Sunday, y’all πŸ™‚

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