Mars Square Jupiter: “Likes A Big Pee-Pee!”

"mars square jupiter"

One silly (and yet educational) post before bed and this actually IS a bed-post. Get it? A bedpost. A bed/blog-Post.

Anyway that phrase you see above is what an astrologer said to me upon seeing my Mars square Jupiter in my natal chart. She’s a local gal and when I have the pennies I spring for a reading! I like a tune-up too, just like you 🙂

So we were talking about love, looking at future love in my chart and the reading was almost done and then she said: “Oh yeah and this: You like a big pee-pee.”

And yes big penis was what she meant (lol).

Now I’m not saying yay or nay to her interpretation I just thought it was pretty cute of her to phrase it that way. She laughed, I laughed, we laughed. The word pee-pee always gets a laugh. And I knew what she was talking about. The Mars square Jupiter, I asked?

Yup! she said.

Now remember though… and this is your astrology lesson for the day… remember the sign and the house too! My Mars does square my Jupiter but my Mars is in Cancer so I like BIG FOOD (Cancer) or a lot of food or I tend to over-do it, energy wise. Cancer has fluctuating energy anyway and square Jupiter even more so. I can go go go and then drop.

Or it could be the big pee-pee thing.

I just had to share. Life has been busy around here and I’m even heading to bed without answering all my emails. I realize that if I’m in bed LONG before I need to be in bed, I’ve got a chance of a good night’s sleep. Maybe.

And since I have your attention, a big THANK YOU to everyone for reading, commenting, getting readings, recommending me, writing testimonials, et al.

I am grateful.

Do you have a “telling” aspect in your chart?


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