Mars Sextile Neptune: Dreams Of Passion

So today’s Full Moon Eclipse is the big news but don’t forget tomorrow’s Mars Neptune sextile. 

What is Mars? Mars is where you put your effort. What drives you. Your Passion, aggression, desire, violence. What makes you mad. What turns you on.

Neptune is a dreamy and vague energy, the ideal, the idea, illusion, vast, gentle. Also art, music, Venus (love) at her most universal and cosmic.

Where Mars is clear, Neptune confuses. Where Mars knows exactly where the line is and makes the cut? Neptune flows this way and that, a stream and then a river.

I’m talking about energy here, ideals. Mars will express itself differently depending on the sign. Neptune moves slowly, so we look more to the house and the aspects it makes (when reading a chart).

When we put these two together we can get… spiritual (Neptune) strength (Mars).

Or the courage (Mars) to finish writing that play (Neptune). Our imaginations (Neptune) are POWERFUL (Mars) under this aspect. We can use that Mars oomph to dream, which is always the first step. Mind is the builder (said Edgar Cayce). Throw a little Saturn in there and a star is born.

It doesn’t feel like a “finishing touches” day to me, but part of the process. Continue, continue, continue.

You may be exhausted from today’s Scorpio energy. Or maybe you are in your element.

One thing is for sure though: you must resist (what potentially can drag you down) and persist. We have TOO much energy in Taurus to give up now. Taurus may be slow moving (that’s what they say) but the bull is damn DAMN determined.

That’s why Taurus is such a scary sign actually 😉 because they are so sound and solid, if a Taurus chooses the *wrong* path, they will likely stay on the path for… a very long time!

Choose wisely my friends 🙂

Love, MP


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