Mars Retrograde In Virgo At The Gym

"mars retrograde in virgo"

Metaphor for today: Mars Retrograde is like a confused boxer.

When Mars entered my 1st House, I joined a gym and have been strict and disciplined with my gym-going to the point of excess. I do have a natal Mars Jupiter square, by the way. Mars and Jupiter in tense formation (and a square is tense!) can signify “too much.”

A couple weeks ago I realized that I’d been overdoing it and also realized that Mars Retrograde would have me tweaking my gym routine, and the 6th House rules daily routine and Virgo rules the 6th House so it’s all making sense to me.

Perhaps fewer visits but harder workouts, for example — after three months of steady gym-going, well, I can see and feel my progress. I am an active person anyway, but have fallen in love with the treadmill once again — and have also learned how to do the exercise that makes me happy while keeping my knees happy.

So today, our first full Mars Retrograde day, and I am at the gym even though I feel a little under the weather and before I go, I tell myself “do less.” And I did do less but I did it hard and with as much Mars as I could muster, for better or worse.Β 

And for some reason, and I never do this, I skipped my cool down. I mean, I was jogging/running, with short intervals, at an incline and I probably cooled-down less than 2 minutes. Damn. That was stupid. Was heading down the stairs and a friend called who I’m supposed to meet today and I was dizzy and nauseated and what the fuck?

I knew it was work-out related but had forgotten this particular feeling. I drank all my water and headed home and realized that that was what it was.

So today’s Mars Retrograde in Virgo lesson: listen to your body. Your body is trying to tell you stuff. Pay attention. Don’t tell your body to fuck off.

And whatever your daily routines are, Mars Retrograde will probably see you… tweaking them, adjusting them, fixing them although you may need to re-fix the fix when Mars goes Direct again!

Don’t be afraid of this time period though. Like I wrote yesterday, go inside. Build (Mars) rest (retrograde) into your day.

One other gym-going tip though: if you find that Mars Retrograde is making you sluggish and you have no need or reason to slow-down, add some Marsyier music. That’s what I did and it helped.

Do you feel the slow-down?


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