Mars Retrograde And Depression

"mars retrograde in virgo"

Mars Retrograde may make you feel stuck. Mars Retrograde may make you feel depressed.

Sometimes when you feel low, it’s helpful to go with the feeling. Adapt to it. I mean, if you have the time to feed the mood and it feels right to feed the mood, then try it i.e. ice cream and Netflix as a way to distract yourself from the intensity or the numbness.

Sometimes though you have to shake the downward spiral and that was my approach last night.

I was feeling kinda lousy this week (also had a cold) and the timing fit Mars going Retrograde but after talking to my Fairy Godmother (whose name I shall keep secret in this blog post) I realized it was massive overwork – since September really. Never slowing down or taking a break and absorbing energy and not letting it go. I am not a Virgo Sun but Virgo Moons also tend to be work-obsessed and have trouble letting it go and… taking care of themselves.

There’s more to it of course but that’s part of it.

So I made the call. And I did things today to shift the energy — even though I didn’t FEEL like it… and started to feel like myself again.

A friend of mine used to say action precedes motivation.

So this is what I think *you* should do: if you start to get *that* feeling… that *not quite yourself* feeling… have a plan. Someone who can talk you back to earth. Know what you need to do, to ground yourself, to feel like yourself again because YOU ARE inside there still… even when you can’t find the *you* in the you.


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