Mars Opposition Neptune: The Longing Increaseth (Oct 6th)

"sun square pluto" They don’t know what they want. Maybe they don’t want anything. You know what you want. You are Mars in this configuration. Direct, assertive. And they are Neptune, confused or confusing. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Or maybe it’s inside you, the whole thing — one minute certain, the next uncertain. Like one of those doctor’s office scales. You have to slide the mental piece up down up down to get to the true weight, to get to the truth.

Also tomorrow the Sun is square Pluto which I wrote about here and Mercury (rx) sextile Saturn. I’m not sure which one of these big ones you’ll feel more — the obsession of Pluto or the longing of Neptune (and they do sextile) — but suffice to say there’s no way out. Not tomorrow. And not the day after. And certainly not today.


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