Mars Opposition Neptune And The End Of Suffering

"mars in virgo"

Neptune is at 1 degree Pisces and Mars is at 5 degrees Virgo. Mars is retrograde so you can think of Mars retrograding, moving backwards, to “meet” Pisces.

Mars + Neptune = forcing the dream? It’s an odd energy combo because Neptune resists the corral and yet Mars being retrograde changes things. Softens them.

I remember this transit from a few years ago. Neptune was in Aquarius then and Mars was in Leo and it was a 12th House/6th House transit for me — as it is now.

Back then I felt this transit made me feel paranoid and not quite in reality. Neptune can be delusion and Mars is a punch.

But of course there are different ways an aspect or transit can express. It doesn’t have to be mental illness or suffering when Neptune is involved.

Mars in Virgo is a powerful healer. Mars in Virgo retrograde is a powerful healer who goes inside the inside to heal you. Mars in Virgo retrograde opposing Neptune is the healer healing the healer. Hands-on, hands-off, doesn’t matter. And the message that heals is nothing you can grasp with the mind which Virgo finds… uncomfortable.

Mars is the faster moving body here. The retrograde motion possibly disorienting to you. Virgo wants all the knowledge, facts, answers but it is NOT possible.  EVER.

Mystery exists.

But here’s my question: which are you seeing in your own life? Are you feeling/seeing Neptune figures clouding up your Mars? Or are you feeling Mars energy and drive, however retrogradey, trying to organize your Neptune?

Oppositions are tugs of war. We’re supposed to lean this way and then lean that way and make peace.

This opposition is awfully close to my ASC/DESC and that’s where I’m feeling/seeing it the most, besides needing to rest this weekend.

Clarity is possible under such a transit. Mars will see to that. While allowing for mystery. He will turn you this way and then that way and then another way but he, like Virgo, will not stop until some truth is chiseled out.

What are your thoughts on this transit? 


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