Mars Opposition Chiron: Parachute

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Tonight, on the subway ride home, my husband had some pain in his arm/hand.

I’m not entirely sure what it was (muscle tendon spasm shooting shards of ouch ouch ouch pain) and I endeavored to give him some “healing.”

I call it Reiki sometimes although I only ever took the first level 🙂

What I do is concentrate deeply, singularly. I also use my hands. Sometimes on the body, sometimes close to the body, sometimes with movement. And I also talk some, setting intentions. Actually I didn’t talk much, except at the end, when I let him know that the healing would continue even as I took my attention away and we walked home with our groceries. Like leaving a radio on low.

I could see it was very painful and at first my goal was to attempt to “remove” the pain, smooth it out, but then I realized all over relaxation was a better idea and would kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

When I do healing work, images come up. I like to ask the person after if they saw what I was conjuring. When the healing got deeper, I saw him bouncing up and down on a trampoline in my mind’s eye. This was a signal for me, that the muscles were getting less tense, loosening, pain lessening and it is a fact that my concentration on him… created a less painful body for the duration of the ride. This is a true story. I did it with my intent.

I realized the other day that I have Hygeia (asteroid) conjunct my natal Sun. Thanks to Miss K. in the chat room for asking us about this asteroid!

I haven’t attempted to “market” this part of what I do in a while and I may never go that far with it except in such moments. We shall see but in either case, healing is in the air as Mars in Virgo is opposing Chiron in Pisces (exact tomorrow).

You may be driven to heal others. You may be driven to heal yourself. Or called to do it. You may be surrounded by (so-called) illness or in need, yourself, of medicine, restoration, love.

Important to note that Mars is also trining Pluto. IF THERE HAS EVER BEEN A TIME TO GET WELL, NOW IS THE TIME, PEOPLE.

Are you worried about the Uranus Pluto square? My advice: talk about it. The sky is actually pretty damn harmonious DESPITE the square: trines and sextiles involving Sun, Moon, Mercury and then comes the New Moon in Scorpio/Eclipse.

This is an ending and a beginning.

Say bye-bye 🙂 Have a release party for all your broken pieces.

“Here are your waters and your watering place. Drink and be whole again beyond confusion.” (Robert Frost)

Love, MP


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