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"mars direct"

Just a few minutes of meditation are all that’s required to see into… how your mind works.

Two minutes in, or so, and all of a sudden I can hear… everything.

I sit on the floor, cross-legged, which is a big deal for me. A big deal because when we’ve had bug infestations (flea most recently), I didn’t want to go anywhere near the carpet except for walking on it.

But back to meditation: I sit on the floor, get comfortable, know how long I plan to sit, know that I can sit longer if I want, if I have the time, and already it happens

And maybe it happens because I’m a long time meditator or maybe it’s just today.

What happens? I slow down. My senses wake up. I had forgotten this medicine.

Every time a story shows up in my mind, good, bad, neutral, my “goal” is to gently return to the focus of this meditation, my out-breath. Not trying to control it. Just be there with it.

One thing that surprised me about meditation practice today was that good things came up. That really surprised me. I remember my home-practice some years ago and once I would sit, all the fears would arise and today one thing that showed up was… the action I’ve taken to deal with some of those fears and feeling good about that.

Daily life is the surface, you know? The surface mind, speedy. But sit on the floor and you enter the cats’ world, see things from their perspective (oops that was a tangent).

Mars turned direct on my South Node in my 12th House, a few degrees from my Ascendent so it’s a perfect time to restart my home-practice (these days I mostly meditate in a group).

Wherever Mars turned direct in your chart is your jump start, your return to whatever you were working on when he went retrograde. Mars is the warrior so please be fearless in the areas of life where he is transiting.

PS Some folks like to focus on a candle during meditation

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