Mars Meditation: Mars Retrograde In My 12th House

"mars retrograde in the 12th house"

I’ve always been an obsessive music listener and lover. These days I live for Spotify and Pandora and I keep listening to my same little playlist over and over and over.

Sometimes I switch it up but I can really get in a groove. Some songs just take me there, especially for writing or for the gym.

A Facebook friend once asked for suggestions but I didn’t know what to say. Music feels, to me, beyond personal. How could I suggest to him what would make him want to run for his life on the treadmill or out on the open road? Impossible I say!


Mars goes direct mid-April and I am thrilled about this. I haven’t examined the aspects to it yet from the other transiting planets, AND Mars through my 1st is a helluva ride but better there than in the house of “hidden enemies!” the 12th House!


Lately I like some rock and roll on the treadmill, some hard rock, some 70s, 80s stuff. It’s got me moving more than the dance music that got me running this time around. Not that I’ve left that stuff behind but…

And I’ve even switched my routine. Doing some machines too, not just the treadmill but lemme tell ya – nothing feels as good as the run. When it’s smooth and the songs are perfect and I’m grateful for the moment. I feel strong.


Mars rules the boast.


What did you discover during Mars in Virgo? Was it business as usual? Or did you feel held up? And in what ways? You can build a theory of how retrograde planets affect your life if you pay attention to this stuff.


What I’m waiting for is for the gym to get some boxing stuff, a speed bag at least. I’ve long had an interest in boxing and wanted to box. Not for competition. There’s just something about punching that feels awfully good. Mars rules boxing and boxers.

Last week, after my meditation class, I noticed a gym across the street and I could see inside just a couple women and whole bunch of men in real gloves, not those more lightweight “work out” gloves, sparring, and I thought hmm. Am I? Will I? I don’t know yet. Mars in my 12th House hesitates.


Most of Mars in Virgo will, once again, be a 1st House transit for me. The 12th House is the house of dreams and worries and escape and prayer and slow-down and the 1st House is ME. ME ME ME ME ME. The body, the appearance, the view of the world, the 1st handshake. Seems to me, to be, possibly, The Time to begin this.


The path, the journey, the road, the way, the derech is paved with Mars. Mars is what you do. Mars is how you do it. Do you Mars? Do you do your Mars?


Mars direct this month is where you will be putting your energy.

Did your focus change when Mars went retrograde, whether Mars changed houses or not?


Questions, questions, and more questions. What are *your* questions for Mars in Virgo, for Mars direct, for Mars in general, for Mars in your chart. Ask yourself these questions 🙂 Because the energy is gonna go WOW WOW WOW WOW  and we’ll sigh a collective sky of energy and desire returning.

And you? 


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