Mars Is Still In Virgo! Who/What Do You Serve?

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Some weeks ago I introduced my Mars in Virgo (Direct!) Challenge: how’s it going?

Did you start something new? Or leave something behind/quit?

I quit smoking.

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I’ve been writing about the 6th House/12th House axis lately, and I realize it matters for all of us now, not just those with planets in those houses, BECAUSE Mars is in Virgo and Virgo is associated with the 6th House and thus also reaches over to the 12th.

And Mars in Virgo asks: who/what are you in service to?

Mars serves him/herself but Virgo tirelessly serves others. So again the question: who are you serving and is it who you WANT to serve?


I woke up pondering the 6th House this morning and my first thought was that 6th House people must serve PEOPLE. They may serve God as well, but they must serve people (or other beings, including animals). The 6th House is material, the body, Virgo, here and now, the details, health, work whereas the 12th House is shadowy and hidden, mystical, the house of “self-undoing,” where we can get trapped, get lost.

The 6th House is the 12th House finding its way out of those shadows. The light of day.


Is there something you want to “fix” for Mars in Virgo, after all these months of direct, retrograde, direct again?

I do want the Light of Day transit. Mars is approaching my Ascendent  and I’ve had quite enough of him in my 12th House, thank you very much 🙂

With Mars in your 12th, you don’t know what you’re fighting for. With Venus in your 12th, you don’t know who you love. With the Moon in your 12th, why you feel what you feel can be a mystery. And so it goes…

But as much as the 12th is your prison, it is also your Get Out Of Jail Free Card!


Also along the lines of moving pieces of you from the shadows to the light, the reading I did the other day, in person, is a perfect example of this.

I mostly do my work privately, in the shadows, at home but I also love holding the chart in my hands and showing someone the movement of the planets, want them to see a transiting planet leaving the 12th House for example and entering the 1st House. To begin to think of the transit charts as alive as your life is alive, moving, changing, able to change. 


So that’s today’s Mars in Virgo (Direct!) Challenge: who are you serving and do you need to balance it. Are you leaving yourself out of the equation? Serve others, yes, with Mars in Virgo but serve SELF too. Your Higher Self 🙂

Think about it.


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