Mars Is Still In Cancer: Sex Is Personal

Mars is still in Cancer. I have Mars in Cancer in my natal.

Sex (Mars) to me is the most personal (Cancer) thing in the world. Mars rules my 8th House. The 8th House rules sex. It is PERSONAL. Private. There are worlds between my actual sexual experience and what/how I write about it here.

And recently I realized that the moments after orgasm for me are like a pinball machine.

The body is done tensing, done searching, striving, and then thoughts come.

More like images.

Ping ping ping ping, lights flashing, ping ping ping ping. Faces, names. The gush of emotional release.

Intimacy is happening. Vulnerability is happening. Openness.

How open are you? To intimacy? To sex? How open are you to being open, openED?

What sign and planet rule your 8th House?

The thoughts, images, feelings… they don’t make sense. There’s no reason, no order to them that can easily be determined but I note what shows up. Cancerian logic. Moon logic. And then I forget. Until the next time.


Love, MP


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