Mars In Virgo Will Move You

"mars in virgo 2011"
mars in virgo 2011

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Do you miss Virgo Season? Did you clean the house more? Quit smoking? 

Awww Virgos really are so cute with their list-making ways, and Libra brought us cooperation and Scorpio is bringing us underneath the underground of the subterranean of the highway or the wheat field or the sidewalk or the punched tin or the backyard, wherever you find yourself, landing a plane, having a drink, saving a life. Underneath. Down below. That’s where we are now.

And with extended Mars in Virgo (who sextiles Scorpio but squares Sagittarius) expect emphasis on the body, the health of the body, the details of the body, the organization of the body, the organization of the details of the body, bodily processes, processes in general, and by BODY let it be a metaphor: the body of your LIFE so put on your Virgo-goggles, people! Prepare for the details. Virgo LOVES to prepare! A Virgo Prayer: nothing shall escape your wise and critical and helpful eye!

Other Virgo realms: work, service, daily routines, pets! Did I mention service? Making lists. Hand-wringing. Criticism. Discernment. Worry. Healing. Magic. Witchery. All the herbs in all the gardens. Help. Support.

Mars is fierce. Mars is the warrior. Mars is fast. Mars acts. Mars is the driver. Mars makes Virgo a SUPERHERO. Finally. A very VERY precise Superhero

Question is: where do you want to go? Mercury (Virgo) is the car. Where do you want Mars in Virgo to take you? What will you see along the way? The trees, but maybe not the forest. Mars in Virgo is the skeptic. Are those trees even real? Why did we take this road instead of that one? Hmm. Good question.

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