Mars In Virgo Full Of Grace

"mars in virgo retrograde"

Full of grace on the treadmill. Full of grace.

When Mars went into Virgo, and my 1st House, I joined a gym. At first I walked (on the treadmill). And then I discovered walking at an incline. And then I jogged. And then I jogged at an incline. And then I ran. And now I combine all three – intervals. When I run? I am free.

And I thought of Mars in Virgo, retrograde, today because there’s this moment, there’s this moment when you RUN, when you are running for your life, and that IS how it feels, when *I* am running for my life, there’s this moment when… you realize that the place, the pace, the level, the speed you had originally thought was as good as you could do… you begin to realize that you can do more, so you start to push yourself, and you do more. That’s Mars.

It’s not about the exertion, the point I want to make, although there is that. And it’s not about the endorphins, although there is that.

There is something that happens when you are running and you are pushing yourself, and your body is simultaneously in control and completely relaxed. What I mean is: you are pushing pushing pushing, your arms and legs and heart and head and lungs are working together… but you can let yourself go slack. Let your limbs go slack, loosen them, relax WHILE you are running for your life.

Any athletes here know what I’m talking about. I guess it’s being “in the zone” and I guess it’s “meditation in motion” for me — but today, I think, was the first time I felt it, or maybe I felt it on Monday too. It feels like flying and it’s not that I keep this up the whole time. I don’t. Still doing the intervals but this feeling, this ability is so extraordinary, it’s my joy, and I feel full of grace at these times.  I wish the same for you, however you can find it. I want you to find it.

It’s probably nothing that anyone can see. It’s a feeling. My natal Mars is in Cancer, the sign that can’t stop feeling.

And it made me think of Mars in Virgo retrograde because Mars in Virgo retrograde can’t do the details or the control like Mars direct. It must, for lack of a better phrase, go slack. But it’s still Mars.

I’m telling people these days not to expect results. Or… to expect different results. Review, investigate instead of coming to conclusions because of the retrograde (Saturn too).

But you can pick one part of your life (Virgo rules details) like the treadmill, like sex, or some other Mars activity. Find where Mars is transiting in your chart and pick one thing from those areas of life that that house represents and find your power again, find your Mars.

The Moon and Mercury in Pisces are opposing Mars in Virgo right now so talk — Mercury — to your Mars.

Is Mars in your 1st House now? Talk to your body. Is Mars in your 10th House now? Talk to your family — the 4th House opposes the 10th. You must travel the axis of where transiting Mars is.  Is Mars transiting your 7th? It’s not just them; it’s you too.

Moon opposing Mars, Mercury opposing Mars: tense aspects, sure. But there’s more. There’s always more.


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