Mars In Scorpio Through The Third House (Notes From A Shamanic Journey)

"saturn square neptune"I haven’t journeyed in a long time. In fact, in 2015 this is something I did for others more often than I did for myself.

I am not “trained” in shamanism. It’s not really how I ever learn anything. I remember. And then I do.

In my meditation class, for years, I journeyed but didn’t call it that. And it may not have been that in the “strict” sense of the word. Or maybe it was. Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

Point is: I journeyed this morning to my old apartment, my old neighborhood. I had in mind a soul retrieval for myself and for Kitty (who passed on December 14th).

But perhaps even soul retrieval isn’t quite precise. My North Node is in Pisces. The right words (Virgo) are less important.

The success of the journey shall depend on, I believe, how much more inner peace I experience in the coming days and just now thinking to myself that Mars in Scorpio (especially retrograde) is an IDEAL transit for meditation and for journeying.

From my notes:

I saw myself weeping pomegranate seeds and tarot cards outside my old building. I wanted to make peace with it. I asked for a helper. Got a bluebird who lifted me up by the shirt shoulders and transported me. But not before I retrieved a tiny bit of my sleeping self. That’s what I saw, me asleep on my old futon in my old bedroom, sleeping, but looking like a corpse. Put myself in my pocket. I also retrieved Kitty who was still there. She was dancing and so happy to see me. And then when Bluebird came, we stood there looking at the building with the seeds pouring from my heart.

Then it was though I were making a bed, that motion of the billowing sheet in the air. Kitty loved to run under the sheet whenever I made the bed (lol not that often) and I tented the whole building the whole block like a Christo, in pink blanketing light, rose quartz light to neutralize my grief and send the entire year and a half back back back into time, recede, that the pain should become dim and bathed in gauzy pink.

Any stuff left behind (from earlier in the journey) became a tree in the park I used to like visiting, a tree whose roots grew into the dirt and the sky.
The Moon is in my 12th House today, also good for any kind of meditation or inner travel. I do firmly believe that what I call the journey can help you release pain and move on.

How was your Full Moon?


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