Mars In Pisces Your Leap Of Faith

Dear Reader,

All the faith it took to get you where you are today. Remember it was only last year how scared you were. It was a leap of faith, wasn’t it?

Leap: a forceful jump or quick movement. An abrupt change or transition. You did it. Mazel Tov 🙂

Love,  MP


The Stars

Someone asked me yesterday, a wise woman asked me yesterday, if I was procrastinating and I had no idea what she was referring to.

And then, suddenly, I knew. (I think I knew.) I figured it out. Know the feeling? Uncertainty plus hope.

Mars enters Pisces on Friday and has not the best reputation.

Mars in Pisces is not Mars enough (is what they’d probably say). Mars drowning in the collective unconscious. Mars is a solider. Mars is war, not a victim-martyr.

HOWEVER: was not Jesus martyred? Was not Jesus the ultimate soldier of God? I swear I’m not a religious nut of any stripe but I have no qualms talking about Jesus or any other spiritual hero.

And when I noticed Mars entering Pisces this week I thought to myself: I have my work cut out for me… in terms of ending this procrastination I’ve been participating in AND YET I also have Mars in a water sign and thus a trine to Mars in Pisces.

Check your Mars, okay? He may not be as bad as you’ve been told.

And despite Mars being a… special and mysterious kind of Mars while in Pisces (Neptuned, not clear what to go to war about), he will make some groovy aspects to the heavenly bodies such as a trine to Saturn and a sextile to Pluto. Not to mention the initial conjunction to Neptune and then Chiron. He will energize your imagination, your restoration.

So you can think of Mars in Pisces as a fade, a blur. Or as a visionary. A spiritual warrior. You decide! And LIVE IT while you’re at it. If you have Mars in a weepy watery sign (or under duress in any way) do us all a a favor and arm your Mars with better weapons than complaint and self-pity.

Mars is STRONG. Mars is fearless. Be a martyr if you must, but don’t whine about it. Do… something else about it.

The Cards:

Cards for Wednesday and Jupiter going DIRECT: The Empress. Pleasure and passion. Where will you find it? Where do you look for it? One of my favorite words: fecund. The Empress is lush. The Empress is birth.

One more card: Page of Pentacles. Everything’s coming up roses, dear reader, when, if, you work for it. PROCRASTINATION BE GONE!

And if you aren’t feeling these cards in your life… imagine how you could. Mind is the builder said Edgar Cayce. There must be something. There must be ONE THING in your life that you love, that gives you pleasure. Swim there.


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