Mars In Pisces: Where Did You Put Your To-Do List?

Not so subtle reminder: ALL THE PLANETS ARE DIRECT, people! Take advantage of this time. LAUNCH!

And while I have your attention πŸ™‚ thanks for the kind words about my poems. I embarked on my 30 poems in 30 days project (posting old poems so far, nothing new yet) due to a… mystical bit of advice that I received a few days ago.

But back to YOU: pay attention to your life. What messages are you receiving. How you find those messages is by noticing where the planets are transiting. Venus is now in Aquarius. Mars is now in Pisces. This is NEW energy in your life. This is the start of the Pisces voyage for YOU 2013 although no doubt a continuation. Pay attention. We’re already ankle deep in Aquarius but Venus there finally brings the love in πŸ™‚ Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune ooh la la your love is fire (Mars) and water (Neptune) and these two only *appear* to be at odds. You can TRUST (Pisces) your passion (Mars).

That’s all I have to say for the moment πŸ™‚ Just wanted to remind you. It’s February 2nd in the Big City and Saturn stations retrograde on the 18th. No suppression. No procrastination. No time for that. Your Mars in Pisces to-do list may be written in invisible ink but I know you will uncover the meaning and what you need to do. Think about it!


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