Mars In Libra Retrograde Is Making You Mental

"mars in libra retrograde"
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Does Libra EVER say what it really means? 

Libra is on my mind because Mars has been in Libra for so damn long and I wonder if we’ve lost every sense of a DIRECT CONNECTION.

And instead we operate underground. Not in terms of going deeper but in terms of surface peacekeeping.

I am not talking about individuals here, but the collective energy.

Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus has an agenda (as we all do). Venus wants to smooth out the wrinkles, create symmetry, perfection, and beauty NO MATTER WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON. Cover it up.

Life could be falling apart and Libra will put energy into maintaining surface appearance rather than mending the actual broken heart, body, or soul.

Again, I’m not talking about individuals (in case anyone is about to get offended). I’m talking about ENERGY. Libra is not about exposing the truth. Libra is about covering up. Hair, make-up, the dress. What’s underneath all that? The naked. Exposure.

I know when I come down on Libra energy, people tend to remind me of the importance of tablecloths but in my experience i rather SEE the table. I rather see the wear and tear. I like the clear light of day. What’s actually going on.

My point: we have been living in a state of (dare I say it) dishonesty and deception for months now. And when Mars goes direct in late May, the mask will (partially) come off.

Now some of you may already have gotten a big surprise. Perhaps in April, during the Grand Cross and Eclipse Season. For others the big reveal is happening NOW.

The summer — you heard it here first!– will be VERY interesting. You’ll have more clarity. All the different ways you’ve been fooling yourself and others have been fooling you… it may make your head spin. See, I think you’ve known parts of the truth all along but you couldn’t put it together. The Universe wouldn’t cooperate with that. No way. Not under Mars in Libra retrograde.

Does this ring true for you? Are you ready for the truth? 

Love, MP

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