Mars In Libra: Cookie Logic

I’m doing that thing again. Listening to the same song over and over today.

And I asked my Facebook Friends for a blog-post topic because I feel like writing but got nothing in my head.

A few good suggestions came through the wires but no-go. Instead I’m going to write about a recent experience.

Yesterday I had all these revelations. Suitable for transiting Uranus (breakthrough, insight) on my natal 8th House Chiron (pain). The long ago and far away stuff. And I felt so clear. That VEIL LIFTED feeling. You know that feeling? I know y’all are nodding your head.

And even at the time, I thought to myself: yeah right. How long will THIS last?

This morning I get triggered again.

And that’s when the further deeper necessary revelation happened. Something can be *very* wrong for you. And yet. There can also be something worth saving. The JUSTICE card. Must balance. Must weight. Must measure. MARS IN LIBRA. The scales. Making judgements. And there is such a thing called development. Things change.

Does this sound obvious? Well, not always to my brain. I think they call it black and white thinking. Which reminds me of black and white cookies and the fact that — I like both sides. The white frosting and the black frosting. Bear with me. This is cookie logic. You CAN hold two ideas at one time. The something is wrong idea. And the something is right idea. And aye Mars is in Libra now so… you know what? You don’t have to decide. One foot. Then the other foot. This is a Mars in Libra luxury. No matter how many people you annoy. You will feel pushed. Others will push you. Uranus and Pluto and Jupiter will push you. But you just stay right there, in your state of grace and take a bite of both sides.

In other words? Don’t decide. Not today anyway. And maybe not even during the first half of 2014. Not until Mars enters Scorpio. Oh yeah clarity comes then. Does that thought terrify you? Thing is — you may NEED ALL THIS TIME. Before you KNOW.

Love, MP

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