Mars In Leo Wants You To Leap!

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are you brave?

Are you brave? How brave are you? Mars is in Leo and Leo is a leader!

I like to write about breaking through the blocks… that block you! This is an individual process and yet we all have our fears. And we all have our Mars.

Mars is one of the “personal planets.” Take his movement through the signs and through your houses personally.

Leo is your self-expression. Think 5th House: what is unique about you? Do you create? What do you create?

I have seen defeated people, I have seen smart, talented, loving people stay in their comfort safety zones, rooms, as if they all had Virgo or Cancer Moons, biting their nails off, smoking their cigarettes, losing their minds.  Boring.

I have seen a man lose the woman he loved because he took too long to get to her. His sea journey took him far and wide but it was his own fear, that other vast ocean, that kept them apart.

He’d argue with you though, tell you it was something else. God only knows.

We’re peeking into Libra Season now. Venus is already there. Love is in the air 🙂

Will you partner with Mars in Leo? Mars in Leo needs to be your only one 🙂 The New Moon in Libra next week (part of a juicy Libra stellium) will have news for you.

The Fool is taking a leap. He’s braver than the rest. And bravery can be FUN: Mars in Leo is FUN, Mars in Leo wants to play. So take it personally. Find Mars in Leo in your chart.

Don’t be like that fellow in my story. Get the girl (or whatever your dream is) before it’s too late, tick-tock.

What is it you think you can’t handle and are you sure you can’t?

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