Mars in Capricorn: Sex is Your Job

I was thinking about a conversation I had with a friend today, a friend with Mars in Capricorn. He made a remark about his “sexual style” (something about being “hell on wheels”) and of course I took offense 😉 I don’t mean that my feelings got hurt, but the way he talked about sex offended my, well, refined Mars in Cancer sensibilities. I didn’t say anything. Wait. That’s a lie. I did say something.

Women don’t want your tricks, I said to my friend. They don’t want your repertoire. They want to be, and they want you to be, you know… like virgins. I mean, that you come to each other new, lovely, fresh, unsullied by your… you know… experience.

Now, sexual skills are not in and of themselves bad things (they are good things), but did you ever have a lover who was just too good? And it made  you feel kind of… creepy? Like how many women did he have to sleep with to… learn THAT? And that. And that. And,  yeah, that. So there you are, lying in bed, plucked, dazed, smoking a cigarette or not smoking a cigarette, and… something’s missing. The hump was there, the pump was there, but where was the…

Dear Readers, I’m not putting anyone down, I swear. I’m not judging. I just thought it was funny that this friend has Mars in Capricorn and Capricorn is the 10th House and the 10th House is Career! That for driven, efficient Mars in Capricorn, sex is work, and I mean that in the best of ways: Mars in Capricorn will get the job done. Over and over and over.

Note to self: I LOVE Mars in Capricorn

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