Mars In Cancer vs. Pluto In Capricorn: The Opposition As Spiritual Process

"mars in cancer"
Picasso had Mars in Cancer

So we’re all obsessed with Mars entering Cancer and what that’s gonna do to our world(s), inside and out. I’m no political, global, astrologer. I talk mainly about the personal, about the body. And I mean that in every way possible.

Here’s today’s MoonPluto help: when you are in a sullen mood, a gloomy doomy despairy mood… well, this is the image that came to mind for me today:

What you want to do is catch the sullen mood like a firefly in a jar. Not that I’m advocating trapping helpless creatures; it’s a metaphor.

And then do what?

Then you observe. Quietly. Put your nose up to the glass. And ask. Doesn’t have to be in words. And it may not be in the form of a question. This ain’t Jeopardy. But maybe it is, maybe it will be.

Edgar Cayce (I’m paraphrasing) talked about prayer being the asking and meditation being the listening, which I am equating to the Opposition in astrology. Two halves of a whole. Do one, do the other: balance needed.

Cancer and Capricorn, Mama and Papa, need each other. And Mars in Cancer/Pluto in Capricorn is where we’re going, the next drama of late summer, August.

So, fellow StarGazers, find your Cancer and Capricorn houses in your chart and you will find your Spiritual Friend. You will find what you need to do more or less of. And maybe you need both. But what I want you to do is look and think and listen.

Then let it out of the jar. The knowledge is yours. Apply it to your life.

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