Mars In Cancer vs. Mars In Aries (and more!)

Mars in Cancer is a protector — of the weak, of the vulnerable – but also wants a protector.

Mars in Cancer likely cries as she/he protects. Not very Marsy, is it?

It’s not easy for Mars in Cancer to stand up for him or herself. It’s somewhat easier to do it for others.

They can’t help but let the issue sit and fester, often making themselves ill in the process, or dreaming of revenge (but never ever taking it) and then the anger has built up to sick levels.

And they always feel guilty, believing it’s their fault, ready to take the blame (oh those oversensitive water signs!) and thus they often do get blamed because they have eaten (Cancer) their power.

Contrast this with Mars in Aries who goes in and gets it done, no emotional hangover, no story, no excuses. Point made, point taken.  A bullet to the head. Or Mars in Scorpio, also a water sign, but the secretive strategist. You won’t even know it’s there. Until you do. And by then, yes, it’s too late. Or Mars in Libra (Aries’ opposite) who kills (disarms) with “kindness.” It’s funny though – whenever a Mars in Libra is annoyed with me, I can always feel it, I can always tell — beneath that beautiful smile is still Mars, rage. Rage is pretty damn hard to hide. Mars in Pisces will turn it against themselves: why me! Mars in Gemini will hurt with words or get too distracted to blow their top. Lots of little bombs though.

Mercury goes direct this week. Time to think ahead and stop looking back.

In the coming weeks, Mars will conjunct Uranus, inconjunct Saturn, square Pluto. How does that sound? 😉

Mars conjunct Uranus is the grenade you’re holding in your hands. Inconjunct Saturn is the pin still in it. And Mars square Pluto? Pulling out the pin.

On a more positive note 🙂 you may simply be feeling more energized. It may be easier than usual to stand up for yourself, make your point of view known, claim what’s yours, fight for yourself or others. Defend your turf!

Know what you want, okay? Know what you want because… before you know it, you’ll be moving forward at an alarming speed, with full frontal desire, and it will be TOO LATE to change your mind, to change what you did. ACTION.

Deliberate NOW because once you get that ball rolling…


Where is your Mars and what do you know about it? Does it fit the typical descriptions? 


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