Mars in Cancer: Today I Feel…

"mars in cancer"
Magic Man!

I feel… like a filter. And I feel I want to start a new column, an “I feel” column and you can tell me, us, how you feel, in the comments 🙂

Remember that Mars is in Cancer and the sign of Cancer FEELS.

And then I thought: what is a filter, really? A filter takes something in… filters it... and then sends it back out, but it’s been changed. And there I went using the word “filter” as a verb but without defining it.

A filter takes what it wants and leaves the rest. Keeps some; rejects some.

To filter: to remove impurities.

To “slow or partially obstruct the passage of.”

To seep.

Again I want to use the t-words: transform, transmute. Like a magician: put a rabbit in a hat and out comes a dove.Or maybe just a different kind of rabbit.

How do YOU feel today? Are you feeling the Retrograde? Or the hard Cardinal energy? Or maybe today you are the Moon in Sagittarius, smiling at everyone you meet. Well?

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