Mars in Cancer and the Emotional F**k

Remember April? Remember that wacky Aries stellium? Wasn’t that long ago. It was an 8th House transit for me, squaring my natal Cancer planets and to make a long story short, I thought about sex all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME. And, truth is, I’m kinda glad the transit is over, not just because of all the squares but that much 8th is… distracting. And now? Aries? Jupiter is on its way out, Uranus is staying put, and…Taurus and Gemini are the flavors of the day, at least for the personal planets. But back to the sex thing. I was talking to the Boyfriend, telling him I was happy that that transit was over, and that now I was experiencing something different, a spiritual transit, or that the sex thoughts had taken on a soulful quality.

I have North Node in Pisces, conjunct my descendent but on the 6th House side… and I looked at transiting Chiron and I looked at transiting Neptune, now retrograde, and I thought to myself: Mars in Cancer. I have Mars in Cancer. I don’t have to look any further than Mars in Cancer for why I feel the way I feel.

But still. We are our own detectives and we search. Mars in Cancer is the emotional f**k. Thought to be a baaaaaad placement for Mars and on a baaaaad day, I don’t disagree. And maybe some wouldn’t find the sensitive nurturing need of Cancer to be… soulful or spiritual but… for Mars in Cancer, that’s exactly what sex IS. It feeds not just the body, but the soul.

Note to self: to be entered is to enter into

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