Mars Conjunct Uranus By Transit

"mars conjunct uranus"It’s interesting the way people experience us. I don’t think I’m demanding at all 🙂

A Facebook friend was just teasing me. He asked if sending me a poem (something he does from time to time) for my birthday would quality as a present since there was nothing to send me from his local Farmer’s Market (something he’s also done from time to time).

No I said. Demanding as ever, he said. Now I do have Venus in Leo and I have read (ha!) that a Moon Pluto conjunction can signal a tyrannical attitude but I swear I am gentle as a hand-raised kitten. From planet FUCK YOU UP. Joking. Transiting Mars is conjunct my Uranus and I feel a little tense, a little colorful, a little… Mars (aggression) conjunct Uranus (shocking!).

And today, again, there were technical problems on the blog. They got resolved on their own but not before I fired off worried emails, seeking help, including hopefully changing my hosting so that I can avoid further problems.

There is always a transit. There is always a problem. And, yes, you guessed it, there is always a solution.

Wait. Is there? I’m always talking about mystery and no answer. Which is it?

Mars is in Libra, folks! The answer is BOTH.

Are you having an interesting transit? 

Love, MP

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