Mars-Conjunct-Pluto-People And Uranus In Aries

"mars conjunct pluto"
film still: in the realm of the senses

This blog post was written on the subway, by hand

My phone saga continues as I find myself unable to type at all on my new phone. Why? The touch screen is impossible. My brain moves too fast to slip and slide on that thing, swiping, so here I am with a clunky old-school notebook, all they had at the bodega down the street, among the sodas and Camels and candy, and my hand (I am Mercury-ruled) is trying to keep up and my fingers begin to cramp, not used to this.

Note to self: learn shorthand. Note to self: slow down.

Transiting Mars is in Virgo sitting right between my eyes i.e. between my 1st House Moon and Pluto conjunction, andย I am beginning, I realize, to feel um compulsive and am truly looking forward to Mars Retrograde i.e. some relief from this aspect.

Mars is your stamina. Mars is your desire. Mars is your… dick. Whether you have one or not.

So if you see a girl on the train with wild Venus in Leo hair and a Composition notebook on her lap…

The train is crowded. It’s Saturday. The tourists are out. The weather is good. I didn’t sleep well last night due to fussing with the new phone and phones die, you know. Pens leak and run out of ink. Everything gets wet in the rain but not today. Only my mood is soggy.

Jesus Christ, how do you Mars-conjunct Pluto-people live with this aspect day to day and not implode? How many trips to the gym can I possibly make to work this shit out? To give this energy a chill-pill!

And here I am feeling like a freak with pen and paper. May as well just memorize my thoughts.

With Uranus in Aries, all our Uranus stuff speeds up. Mars rules Aries, the sign of the Warrior, the Hunter, and Uranus takes on this bloody rosy Marsy glow. It’s a very NOW NOW NOW kind of feeling but but less playful enthusiasm and more… like that movie In The Realm Of The Senses.ย 

Do you have Pluto in Virgo? Is Mars conjuncting it? How are you feeling?ย 


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