Mars Conjunct Pluto (By Transit & A Few Words About Chiron)

People really do come back from the dead. Especially the later-degree Pluto in Virgo generation RIGHT NOW with Mars conjunct your Pluto now. (Pluto is also conjoining my Moon.) Mars is blood, life. Pluto is death, rebirth.

You can move mountains with this transit. What will you do with it? This is energy, stamina, strength, FIRE. Yours to use or abuse and it’s VIRGO. So be precise. Be concise. Narrow your target. Organize your weapons. Your weapons are WORDS (Virgo/Mercury) and your ability to focus like a laser and ARTICULATE. Mars is war. Where are you waging your war? I hope not against your self. Mars in Virgo does not let up. Mars in Virgo is massive mind, verbal onslaught or slaughter. You may hurt the ones you love under Mars in Virgo on Pluto. So don’t.

In other news, Chiron turns direct tomorrow and this early Pisces area of your chart is… not jumping up and down like Mars in Virgo but… okay… here’s what I think. You have to slow down. I mean REALLY s l o w down to get a handle on this one. Otherwise you may miss the message.

Want to know what I think it’s about? I’ll draw a card from my new deck 🙂 King of Cups and funny because someone in Tarot class pulled this as her Daily Draw today. This King of Cups is psychic and a wayshower.

Honestly I do not think this week, over all the other weeks, is your week of ultimate end-point healing. I do, however, think it is a week of ACTION and ability and can-do. With the King of Cups (Chiron in this instance) watching over you.

Love, MP


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