Mars And Saturn Go Retrograde This Weekend

Are you worried about completing projects? Starting projects? Feeling inspired? Staying depressed?

About Mars retrograde:
sometimes you will see this advice: DO NOT START NEW PROJECTS.

Or that you won’t HAVE THE ENERGY to start new projects.

OR even that your energy, your initiating energy, will be waning overall. And projects will suffer. Blocks. Delays. Even reversals. Eek!

I don’t feel this way.
I don’t feel we will suffer due to this necessarily. YMMV.

(Or maybe I’m just not Type A enough. Type A people WILL have a harder time for sure! Or VERY Marsy people, yes, will suffer more because they will be forced to STAND STILL FOR ONCE.)

In fact, I LIKE that Mars and Saturn will be retrograde during the Cardinal Cross and Eclipses of April.

Retrograde planets, they say, is energy turned INWARDS. So what can we expect with MARS?

Overall what I’m feeling is… similar to Mercury retrograde but without the snafus. Time for you to consider the where, when, why, how, and to WHOM you give your passion and energy. In other words: YES IT’S OKAY TO SLOW DOWN! It may be good for you. Really. And if Mars retrograde in Libra is super duper Venus then… isn’t it time you amped up yours? Seriously. IF YOU DON’T TAKE BREAKS AND BE LAZY EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, YOU WILL RUN YOURSELF DOWN. (That’s another way to look at it. The Universe is installing these breaks because we require them.)

And I DO think there may be times when you will feel chained-up. Lots of energy MOVING INSIDE YOU (like how acupuncture feels) but no one can see it (except the Neptunians among us!) although YOU can feel it and you can’t quite… manifest and make it REAL the way you DESIRE it. Mars is DESIRE energy!!! Stop wanting so much. Stop craving so much. Stop screwing around! Don’t you want to burn off your karma? I know you do 😉

Saturn retrograde, for me, is a bit tricker. Saturn is FEAR. Oh yes my friends my first go-to meaning for Saturn is FEAR. What we dare not confront head-on. And the sign Saturn is in (in your chart) will show the way you strive to hide as well as show what you are afraid of!

But let’s break it down a bit more. Saturn is also STRUCTURE. Boundary lines. Limitations. Hesitations. Silence. Saturn is AMBITION.

Are we supposed to coast? Strive to coast? With Mars and Saturn retrograde? That’s one way to look at it. Make an effort to let things fall apart. DOES THAT IDEA SCARE YOU TO DEATH? If so, then you aren’t alone. The hyper-vigilant among us do not like retrograde periods. Too much molasses.

Will we LOSE structure? Do we lose the ability to define our lives (according to where Saturn is transiting in our charts)? Fear, fear, and more fear.

Saturn is DELAY
Saturn is your WORK ETHIC
Saturn is RESPONSIBILITY, duty, rules, realism…


I think you will be given the chance to dig deeply into the nature of your fear. To me, that is the essence of Saturn in Scorpio retrograde. So instead of FEELING AFRAID of the dark inside you, you can step back a bit, give it a shape, a form, so you can… name it, talk to it, FEEL IT. And then when Saturn goes direct, let it go. Let more of it go. Because I feel that… Saturn in Scorpio direct is so intense that… we just can’t. We need a break.

On my Facebook Timeline just now I was talking about being a channel of light. That when you feel depleted, it’s because you are forgetting that you are a channel rather than the light itself, even though you are radiant, yes. The light works through you.

Will there be delays? For some. Will there be reversals? For others. Will I advise many people NOT TO. Probably. To “not know” for sure. To be more slippery.

So many fine points though when looking at someone’s chart because the energy of the collective must blend with the energy of the individual which then blends with the person doing the consult/reading.

Also good to remember that Jupiter will be going DIRECT early March so our faith will increase, our hope will increase, our good moods, will increase, our willful oblivion will increase 😉

We all need a little willful oblivion every once in a while 🙂

Love, MP


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