Mark But This Flea For Mercury Retrograde

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Madonna has Natal Mercury Retrograde

I couldn’t sleep last night. A mosquito found me and was biting me and kept waking me up. I remember a couple years ago I actually bought bug repellent, the kind people wear outdoors, to wear indoors. Last night though I slathered on a bunch of vanilla and cinnamon oil and that helped. But a few minutes ago as I made my coffee, the line Mark but this flea from John Donne‘s famous poem, came to mind.

The last short play I had produced made use of John Donne‘s poem. The play was about a bug infestation, not fleas, but one of the characters in the play was obsessed with the poem and kept relating it to her experience. Some minds work by association like that.

I have Neptune in my third house, natally, so one could say my mind is open. Not just compassionate but porous. Neptune in Scorpio is a generational placement but still it trines my Cancer planets, sextiles my Virgo and despite the square to Venus (oy vey), it makes real nice aspects.

Tell me about YOUR Mercury. Do you have planets in your 3rd? How is your Mercury aspected?

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